Royal Guard

Well I got the Witch Hunter to 18/26, full Influence in all regions and an invite to the Royal Guard – no fuss, no dress code, no application form, just a nice friendly, casual guild.
So it was then on to the Warrior Priest – the beginning of the week was rather messy; a large Destro zerg and Order warbands running empty regions. This evened out later in the week and by Friday night the WP was 17/24 – Friday evening was especially good – lots of killin’ and scavenging.
Not getting any grief about running as melee with a big hammer – although I do drop to tome and small hammer in keep sieges and defences and just stand there healing and guarding the postern.
Had an epic keep defence last night in Empire – the door was down and we managed to turn the tables, taking the Destro keep just before their zerg charged our keep.
Judging by the rate of XP and RR gain I should be at least RR60 by the time I get to T4 – do these players who avoid XP like the plague have sleepless nights worrying about rested XP? It must be terrible for them.
Should get to lvl 18 by the end of this weekend – Wizard or Knight next?

In case you’ve missed this –
Warhammer Online Guitar Tribute

There’s a new Dev Discussion up about the proposed changes to the Magus and Engineer


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