I’ve Got Me Hat – But …

All 4 Order characters are now in T2 –
Warrior Priest – 12/17
KotBS – 12/15
Bright Wizard – 12/16
All with full Inf from all 3 regions.
I forget what RR the Witch Hunter was when he broke into T2 but he is now 17/24 and has full T2 Inf for all regions ready for that lvl 18 – just a little bit more and he can wear his hat 🙂
I’m finding the WH a little bit short on abilities compared with other classes but he’s still making an impression on the enemy and I’m still enjoying playing him. He’s crafting Salvaging and Talisman and I’m finding Salvaging very difficult to rank up without help from my alts especially the Warrior Priest (Scavenging & Talisman).

Whilst in T1 I came across a Warrior Priest constantly killing a Shaman who was being resurrected by a Zealot – tut tut tut naughty naughty; they were trying to hide, rather unsuccessfully, behind Stonemine Tower.
We also recently had a Rune Priest in T2 who would refuse to res anyone not in his group – I’ve still got his footprints on my back – he didn’t make many friends although I’ve been in other Warbands with him and he’s quite a decent chap.

Both T1 and T2 (Norn) feel very balanced at the moment with neither side having an overall majority on the battlefield and there have been some really good scraps but there are still some Warbands who look for the easy option and run to an empty region once the going gets tough.

There have been 2 new Dev Discussions opened up by James Casey and Steve Engel –
Dev Discussion – Feedback – Chicago Gamesday Information
Asking –
“What information that came out of the presentation are you most looking forward
“What information that came out of the presentation would you like
to hear more about and see in a dev discussion?”


Shadow Warrior changes with a bit of Squig Herder
Discussing the changes being made to Shadow Warriors and Squig Herders

We can also look forward to a new-look website at the end of August
This would go a long way in making WAR look as though it’s still a going concern.

So the plan is to get the Witch Hunter up to lvl 18 and wearing all that lovely Inf gear and then the Warrior Priest; it’ll be interesting to see the reaction to a solo melee healer – I’ll try not to run over too many players.

Judging by the forum responses to the Chicago presentation the general feeling seems to be that WAR is heading in a good direction – even some of the more cynical and critical posters on the forums were sounding optimistic.
The 3rd anniversary is not far away – a triple-aegis and a new cloak?


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