Subscription or Game Card

There seems to be a lot of players getting rather cross with the EA Account Management – no cancel button, credit card details gone, subscription ended – check the General Discussion/Player Support forums for details.
My subscription has disappeared despite using an EA Account for some time now – so where have my credit card details gone?
My sub doesn’t run out for a few months yet so I thought I’d shop around –

Presently subscriptions through accounts/ are –
30day   £13.99p
90day   £37.99p
180day £69.99p

Game Cards through are –
30day   £8.99p
90day   £25.17p
180day £46.14p

So what is the advantage in subscribing?
Do you need to subscribe to get the annual bonus?


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2 Responses to Subscription or Game Card

  1. Charlotte says:

    You don’t need a recurring subscription to get the annual bonus – you just have to have been subbed for the correct amount of time (not consecutively either).

    I used to have a recurring sub, but I switched to the game cards when I returned from a 2 month break. This way I can reevaluate where I stand with it every month or so instead of deciding to unsub only to realize a new cycle began the day before.

    • Fez says:

      Thanks Charlotte – that makes sense.
      Subscription noun – an amount of money that you pay regularly to receive a product or service or to be a member of an organization.
      But why the huge difference in prices for the same service?
      A recurring payment is around 35% more expensive – that don’t make sense.

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