Where’s Me Hat?

Looks like I’m stuck on the Witch Hunter – it’s the only Order character that looks good in a cloak but where’s the hat?
The hat makes the WH but it doesn’t come along for a while yet – I seem to remember a PvE one, maybe I’ll go looking for that today – according to the WARdrobe there are 3 low-level hats.
He’s now 13/19 and getting into T2; which was quite lively yesterday with some good fights.
Still running the wrong way towards the wrong WC sometimes – doh!
Dropped back to the Warrior Priest to make some talismans – he’s now at 11/16 and wielding a big hammer.
I’m going to try to get all my Order alts in T2 by the end of the week – strange how I don’t miss Azgal; change is as good as a rest I suppose.

Quite a bit of noise on the forum about the Gamesday presentation yesterday – lots of doom & gloom and talk of unsubbing which can get infectious.
I’ll wait for the official announcement to come out before getting too excited – if there is going to be one.


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