Stuck On Norn – Azgal Will Have To Wait

I had a feeling this would happen…..
Got the Bright Wizard to 8/10 and decided to drop to the Witch Hunter.
My first character on WAR was a WH – it took me about 3 months of learning to play (mostly in PvE) to get him to lvl 40. It was a great time (nearly 3 years ago now) and one I look back on now with fondness.
So it was with a great feeling of nostalgia that I sallied forth with my new WH – I love it. The WH suits me down to the ground which the Witch Elf didn’t for some reason – maybe something to do with the pert buttocks. Flanking the main force to take on the healers and RDPS in the back row – putting the enemy into disarray and dying – often. I haven’t had so much fun in WAR for ages – looks like I’ll be sticking around with the WH for a while.
What will I do when they introduce cross-realming on Azgal? Buggered if I’m going to pay for a server transfer.

Myffic are going out and about to meet the people during July and August
US Gamesday Chicago July 30th
German Gamesday August 7th
GamesCon 2011 Cologne August 17th – 21st
PAX Seattle – August 26th – 28th
They’re not going to announce anything special – just go through the upcoming patches.

Looks like Primagames have stopped producing the e-guides for WAR although the paperback versions are still available on Amazon.


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