Book Of Boom

I bought Crown Of Destruction (ISBN-10: 193450663X ) from Amazon for a couple of quid last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find a scratch panel inside with a code for the Book of Boom. It’s just a novelty item – on activating you jump about 25 foot into the air – you can’t use it for any practical purpose.

There’s a lot of confusion over the EA Account system at the moment – Kai tried to clarify the situation last week
Clear as mud.
I checked last night when redeeming my code and found that I was no longer subscribed even though I was linked to the EA account system – ho hum – another balls up. Think I’ll be using game cards from now on.

Anyhow – I’ve parked the Warrior Priest and am now levelling up the Bright Wizard. He’s not that easy to solo with and taking BOs from the NPC guards is a bit of a bind but I’m still enjoying it.
With the WP my crafting skills were Scavenging and Talisman; the BW is going Butchering and Apothecary.
The Witch Hunter and Knight are waiting in the wings – might be some time until I get back to Azgal.

One thing I did notice last night – the cross-realm timer has disappeared on Norn – is this Myffic’s way of fixing it?


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2 Responses to Book Of Boom

  1. Sylow says:

    Just a tiny sidenote on the book of boom: while it appears to have no in-game use at all, somebody i my guild used it more than once to be able to move again after being stuck in geometry. Anybody else would have had to use /stuck and relog, he just boosted to the sky with the book, landed upon the obstackle and was able to move again.

    So, definitely not a big thing, but indeed it might have some ingame use at some time. 🙂

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