Out With The Old And In With The New

I got the Warrior Priest up to 9/15 with full inf in all 3 regions just before close of play last night.
I’ve had a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, since starting the WP, about my other Order alts – as the WP now has more RR than them I’m going to wipe them and start again.
So just before calling it a day I re-rolled my Bright Wizard.
I think I realise what I miss in T4 – it’s the fun.
Returning to T1 has been a real breath of fresh air – a bit of PvE, a bit of RvR, a bit of Scenario and players who actually talk to each other and have a laugh. Sure everyone seems to congregate in Empire RvR but get out and about and there are plenty of people to team up with and have a good time.
There are a few Twinks around but nothing that can’t be taken down with team work and you don’t really feel underpowered like in T4.
Maybe I should just play on a trial account and stop my subs.
I loved watching the Benny Hill style chase of the Witch Hunters and the Suspicious Characters round the Grey Lady Coaching Inn for one of the Collector’s Edition quests.
There’s also a very wide variety of choices to customise your characters now much better than before; I assume you can change your old characters at the barber but I’ve not really looked into it.

So it’ll be on with the BW tonight – looks like Azgal will have to wait for a while.
If anyone knows of a friendly Norn guild that doesn’t dictate what colour your armour has to be, how you should play, what your mastery should be, ask you to fill in an online application form or have a ridiculous tax rate – let me know please.


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2 Responses to Out With The Old And In With The New

  1. Ish says:

    Hey there,

    I/We have a relatively new Destro guild on KN called Rare Units. We’re a friendly bunch that have rerolled from 80 RR toons on Order side.

    We like to have a laugh, but also like to have some premade and warband fun too, and you’re happy to join us if you want :).

    My Choppa is called Staggabreak but anyone from Rare Units should be able to invite you if you wish.

    Nice blog btw.

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