Sunday for me is usually a day of PvE, crafting and general sorting out among all my alts on Azgal.
This Sunday I decided to pay a visit to my long-unplayed Order alts on Norn.
I haven’t touched them for what must be over a year.
My Warrior Priest and Engineer were both in T4 before the RR cap was lifted and people played PvE – they are now woefully short of RR; I took the decision to wipe them and start again – sob! sob!
The other stunties went too as all I’d done was PvE with them but the Knight, Witch Hunter and Bright Wizard are staying, they are in T2 around 15/15 and are now a lot richer and overburdened.
I took to the field with a new Warrior Priest and found it incredibly strange playing for Order – I stopped running the wrong way after a while and eventually got used to beating Destro up. It was a nice trip down memory lane visiting old haunts – I especially like the Snotling Beggar’s animation.
I rolled 4 GSkins on Norn when it went x-realm but I think I’ll keep returning to Order just for the variety – Know your enemy 🙂

Back to Azgal – my DoK is now 31/46. I got to 29 and activated one of the War Tracts to speed him to 30 and into Conqueror armour. I’m going all out DPS with him much to the annoyance of some of my fellow players; they get the healing they deserve – don’t piss off the healer 😉


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4 Responses to Housekeeping

  1. Judgent says:

    Would you say DoK is better for healing (better heals and aoe heals), and WP is better for soloing (good self heals and better dps)?

    • Fez says:

      Hard to say – I’ve really only played both as solo dps.
      I tried speccing the DoK as a healer but found it rather boring and I’ve only just got back to the WP – If you can go into combat and heal yourself then why stand at the back?
      Depending on the type of RvR I might change the off-hand sword for a chalice and heal but I’m usually stacked for strength.
      I go all out healing with my Zealot and Shaman as I feel more comfortable with that role and I feel the aoe heals are more effective with them.
      Bootae is running a dps shaman at the moment and doing well by all accounts.
      It also depends on whether you can take the abuse from other players 🙂

      Edit – I should also say that I play by feeling and don’t go into all the stat side of things.

  2. Judgent says:

    Ive seen a lot of WP in t4 that stand in the back and heal, I feel like that would seem unnatural to me too considering the mechanics that mythic put into the WP/DoK. The other 4 healing classes are the pure healing orientated classes (other than AM and Shaman’s Waagh bar), and don’t actually require doing damage to perform healing spells. I’m all for a good DPS (no matter what the class may be), but Im not sure I would support RP and Zealot DPS though. XD

    • Fez says:

      With the Harbinger of Doom the Zealot seems to have good offensive power but I haven’t really tried it out – I tend to forget to toggle it on/off so just go for healing.
      I’ll have to give it more of a run when I visit him next.
      Not sure about the RP – I’ve not really played one to a great extent.

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