Kai’s Blogger Visit Notes

Kai has posted his version of the visit by bloggers to Mythic last week –


These are the bullet points:

Version 1.4.4

  • C&C focus on Ranged classes
  • Scenario Quest revisions to match the rotating playlist
  • ORvR Campaign – reintroducing the concept of a ‘defensive’ win
  • Survey of warcamps / scenarios to ensure all guards are consistent and provide the protection needed.  Eliminate roaming guards that serve no purpose at this point
  • Examine new scenarios based on old areas (e.g. Land of the Dead Library, Tomb of the Vulture Lord)
  • Fix bugs in tracker
  • Work on outstanding Tome tasks

Version 1.4.5 and beyond

  • C&C Focus on targeted changes based on dev discussions and feedback
  • Implement Fort features
  • RvR – Examine how to reintroduce guards at BO/Keeps in a manageable fashion based on feedback
  • Finish Grovod Caverns
  • Fix bugs in tracker
  • Work on outstanding Tome tasks
  • (very beyond) Crafting and Equipment Upgrade

General Ideas

6v6 weekends

There is a very good transcript on Gaarawarr’s ( one day I’ll spell that without having to look) blog – http://gaarawarrgabs.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/blaaagher-invasion-2-the-transcript/

It’s good to see that Myffic have finally started to communicate about the game and that, despite what you read in the forum, there is more than one person working on WAR. Let’s hope they keep it up – for now things are looking a little brighter.

It also looks like they’re moving on from pandering to the ham-shanks and opening out to the wider community – we’re to celebrate Bastille Day this weekend.

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