T4 At Level 32 – Not As Bad As They Make Out

I’ve spent most of the 50% bonus days on my Zealot who is now 34/49 – the RR is flying in.
Don’t listen to those who advise against moving to T4 until absolutely necessary – yeah you get insta-deaded now and again but it’s a lot more fun than T3 – leave the lvl39 gankers to their little game.
And don’t worry about getting XP from RvR quests – you’ll hardly notice it.
The only problem is the lack of open Warbands and communication – so it’s soloing most of the way unless you’re in a well represented guild/alliance and be prepared to get dumped from warbands when they see how low-level you are.
I can see this being a bit of a problem when I start levelling up my other Chaos alts but it teaches you to be very aware of your surroundings very quickly.
I also brought out the DoK and got him to 27/42 running around T3.
They’re leaving my GSkins behind but I’m not going to delete them and re-roll – I’ve grown too fond of them – their time will come.
I was going to use my War Tracts at lvl37 but I’m now undecided – lvl37 or lvl38 – as I’m already in T4 it really makes no odds so looks like it’ll be lvl38.

Now let’s rail against the knobs who stand in front of siege engines so that you can’t aim at anything – get out the bleedin’ way you knobs.
That’s better 🙂


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