More Mythic Mayhem

I can’t work out whether Myffic are collectively stupid or just unable to understand what customer relations are all about.
The way they decided to release the latest news on the next patches was ill-conceived to say the least – communication has never been their strong point but what was the point in inviting a small number of bloggers to the meeting (whether in person or via Skype) then getting them to release the news to the players?
Why couldn’t Myffic make the announcement to everyone via the usual channels?
I can only assume they wanted to make the WAR community feel more inclusive but it has only lead to accusations of elitism and favouritism.
Then there was the NDA/no NDA fiasco – Bootae was Tweeting during the meeting, then the Tweets were removed, then he put the same info up on his Blog a little later.
Even now there is no official release from Myffic – just a few posts from Kai on the forum.
And why tell a very small minority of players about the “Big Thing” and subject them to an NDA?
What’s the bleedin’ point?
Just so the bloggers can say – we’ve seen the future and it’s exciting – we’ve heard it all before, many times – who can forget the sight of Carrie Gouskos getting excited while telling us about the Skaven?
There are two definitions of the verb exciting – to make happy or to cause a reaction – I think Myffic must use the latter definition.

Bringing the bloggers in could have worked well but it needs to be expanded – Myffic should start a Core Players group – people who are passionate about WAR and willing to give up their time to assist in moving this game forward.
A bit of advertising or updating the website wouldn’t go amiss either.


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