Patch 1.4.3

Thought I’d better make a post so that the less creative bloggers out there have something to plagiarise.
Last weekend I set-up two new monitors on my system – what a difference – you don’t notice how much an old monitor deteriorates over time until you change it out.
I spent the time prior to 1.4.3 on my Zealot getting him to lvl32 and onward to T4 – had a brief run in an Orderless Altdorf with him; Orderless except for a Slayer who kept charging into us – good for you mate.
One thing I have noticed is the lack of chat in T4 – even in the City Siege no-one spoke and in RvR everyone just seems to get on with it. Maybe there’s not much to say now as it’s the same old thing over and over again.
There were no open Warbands either – just small guild groups doing their thing.
So when I’d mopped up most of the RvR quests for the gold and XP I moved onto my Marauder.
I find this guy really hard to play correctly – not sure why – I get the results but I feel as though I should be doing better with him. They’re also difficult to solo with or make any significant contribution if there are no healers – or maybe that’s just me.

1.4.3 arrived with a little surprise – Myffic decided to make Odjira and Speed of Blowing Sands talismans BoP (along with some other things) – this was quickly followed by a hotfix that made them tradeable and sellable but not storable in the banks
The strangest arrival with 1.4.3 was the character name change – this is available from Origin (EAStore) for £9.99p for each character you want to rename apparently we’ve all been clamouring for this.
The new accessory sets are quite a nice addition –
There are 5 sets of 5 pieces each: 1 belt and 4 pieces of jewelry for lvl 40 characters.
With any 4 pieces you get either –
+4% melee crit, +4% ranged crit, +4%magic crit, +4% healing crit or +4% reduction in being crit hit.
You’ll lose your full-armour set bonus by changing out the belt and you can’t hang trophies off it either.
They all last for 9 days of game-time and cost 50 officers medallions for each item – they’re available from Harbinger Darkfate (Commodities Quartermaster) in the IC.
They make a decent step up from the standard LotD items and 9 days game-time is no hardship – well done Myffic.

Post-1.4.3 I got my Shaman kitted out with the new healing accessories and continued towards RR52 in a very quiet T4 – what happened to getting rid of Waithammer?
I then went back to the Marauder and finally got him to lvl32 (RR42).
I’ve now got 9 characters able to fight in T4 – I’m going to stick with the Chaos guys for the time being and get them up to lvl40 jumping between T3 and T4, then at lvl37 out come the War Tracts for the XP equivalent of afterburners.


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