RCTR – How Many More Times?

Right Click To Remove – If you don’t want the Exp bonus from my Standard.

Hopping between the DoK and Shaman – The DoK is now at 26/39 and I’m going to leave him, for a while, on the cusp of T3 while I level up my Chaos guys into T4.
Had a good run with the Shaman in Altdorf. To start with there was just me and another Shammie against an Eng, IB and WP; the other Shammie was hiding and healing me – I managed to hold on to life for at least 2 minutes until the Destro cavalry arrived and wiped them. Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of Order in that instance.
LotD unlocked and I found myself taking the Order WC on my own – or trying to. Anyhow my Shammie is now RR51 – long way to go to get his Warlord armour – I have a feeling levelling up the other GSkins isn’t going to be so easy. With the Shammie I can latch on to any suicidal Choppa who likes oil baths and those purple numbers flood in.
It’s still very difficult to find an open WB in T4 so I just following the biggest zerg and hope for the best.
So, to continue the healing theme, on with the Zealot – he’s now at 32/42 and able to fight in either T3 or T4.
T3 is getting rather fractious these days – lots of handbags being drawn. As usual fights in Empire seem to go on forever – so much so that the WB I was in left Emp at 4*/4* and went to take the empty Stunty and Elf regions before coming back to join the rest of Destro still hammering away at the inner door of Passwatch – with just a little effort Myffic could get round this by making it more of a campaign across the 3 regions.
But then again if the players realised that you should take the oppositions’ cannons out to stop them wiping your ram, use MDPS to infiltrate the keep and stay out of the frigging oil (that goes for RDPS too) – not to mention fetching another ram instead of trying to stare the keep door down. We’re not very well organised and a great many players don’t seem to have a basic grasp of the game.
Do tanks run to the back line when their health goes down to 90% on other servers?
The grind from lvl30 to lvl32 seems to take forever especially when fighting with numpties.

Lots of MMOs going free-to-play and I don’t think it will be too long before WAR follows suit. We’ve already got F2P in T1 and pay-to-continue/win in T4 – I can see a paid entry straight into T2 with full Obliterator armour and Epic weapons or something similar.
It’s obvious that all the WAR subs are going elsewhere at the moment so maybe when SWtOR arrives we’ll see some big changes.
1.4.3 will be here soon along with Sigmartide and there are rumours of changes in the first week in July – not to mention a new website at the end of July.
Myffic communications is still very poor – Chinese torture drip feed.


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