Get The Kettle

I was away for most of the week in a very soggy Amsterdam – lovely city, highly recommended.
The soggy motif continued on my return home so there was nothing for it but to cheer myself up with a decent session of killing.

T2 was the usual Destro Warband running from region to region taking keeps with very little opposition – getting rather tedious. So I decided to head for T3 quests and level up for the Annihilator armour.
Ended up with the DoK at 25/37 at close of play last night – full Anni and taking the first tentative steps in T3.
Got ganked by 2 Witch Hunters within 5 minutes but continued undaunted – once I get to lvl 28 I’ll use the two War Tracts to zip to lvl 30 and Conqueror armour then hang around T3 until lvl 32 and then on to T4.

It’s a joy playing with players with mixed-ability English – trying to decipher some of the chat is fun especially when someone is shouting “Get the Kettle” – apparently he meant take the oil down.

Lots of heated forum discussion about the new patch and, as usual, the unresponsiveness of Myffic.
I think Myffic need to look at what is happening in the lower tiers – it’s a bit silly at the moment; just running round the keeps one after the other gets very boring and must be very difficult for the underdog to level up without resorting to PvE.
Removing the RR cap was a big mistake but one we are now stuck with.
LotD seems to have become one big gankfest – I tried getting to the Order WC three times but failed due to 4 hiRR Order players taking everyone out; buffing everyone to lvl40 is not going to stop this.

How do you know that the XP/RR/Inf bonuses are working?
I carried out an experiment with handing in quests and waiting for the Resource Carrier with standard and aegis and they don’t seem to make any difference.
Are the bonuses cummulative or applied to each other in succession?


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