Very Scrappy

T2 is a bit of a mess at the moment – headless-chicken warbands running away from the fight for easy-mode keep takes.
On taking Cascades of Thunder the fashion is to throw yourself into the waterfall to suicide to the keep – we now have Order sitting at the bottom of the waterfall waiting for those who don’t quite die. It was more fun when everyone rode back to the WC wiping up any Order stragglers but many players don’t seem to have mounts and, judging by the chat, they don’t know how to get them.
What is the Vision of Krul’Tor that keeps popping up in Mandred’s Hold?

The patch notes for 1.4.3 have caused quite a stir in the forums – not surprisingly. We weren’t promised a great deal but I didn’t expect the patch to be so poor – difficult to see which way this game is going.
Let’s see what Sigmartide has to offer – 2 weeks of new content – have to make the most of it.

Soon be time for the 3rd anniversary – another cloak and another aegis?
Maybe something special …..

My DoK is about to hand in the kill-15-order part of the ‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties which should take me close to lvl22 – hopefully full Devastator by the end of the weekend.


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