Right Click To Remove Buff

Had a good weekend on WAR – not to mention a damn fine ride on the bike 🙂
Got the DoK up to 20/30 without avoiding XP and doing all the RvR and IC quests that pop up. Which brings me to the title of this post –

If you don’t like the XP bonus when I put up my standard right-click on the bonus indicator to get rid of it and stop throwing your toys out of the pram.

Now I’ve got that off my chest –
The War Report lied to me twice – sending me to regions that were already locked – thanks.
I was on the verge of getting level 18 in Elf when I spied a Bright Wizard standing on the cliff overlooking the Destro WC. I snook up on him (or is it sneaked?) and he jumped off the cliff after the first hit – followed him down and smacked him just as he landed – sweet – hit level CR18 RR28 and full Inf all at the same time. Thanks whoever you were 🙂
On Saturday I hit 19/29 and picked up ‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties – Talked to the Cunnin’ Shaman 63kXP – Ogrund’s Book 63kXP – now clocking up the kill 15 Order for the next 63kXP.
We’ve now got a hilarious game after a keep take – drop a siege engine on the chest so no one can get to it – it was funny the first time but it’s now spread virus-like.

So it’s taken me 1day 18hours to get the DoK to 20/30 – the trek from 17 to 19 seemed to take forever but with ‘Ow T’ Steam Stunties I should soon be in full Devastator. It’s also nice to get off the plodding mule and onto a Cold One.

1.4.3 is on the horizon which, hopefully, should bring something new to the game – I don’t think it will quite be a  breath of fresh air but a bit of a change to see us to the next patch.
Please no more Monster Play (Fancy Dress).


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