50% Bonus Weekend

Saturday was spent on the DoK in T2 – finished at 15/24 – I’m pleased to say that the problem with T2 Stunty not locking has gone.
Had a few server disconnects but I think that was a hangover from yesterdays ISP problems.
Sunday – I took the Shamie out for a spin – locked Eataine and Reikland and then on to Altdorf. I actually ended up in a full WB who stayed the full 3 stages – probably because Order vanished after the 1st stage. Ended up with 2 Major and 1 Greater loot bag; jumped back into another instance but wasn’t so lucky – got wiped by a hugely superior Order WB. Anyhow the Shamie is now at RR50, so this RR grinding doesn’t seem too bad at the moment.
Monday was back to the DoK for a while and finished at 16/25 – shouldn’t be too far from full Obliterator tonight and not far off full Inf in all 3 regions too.
All-in-all a thoroughly enjoyable weekend of WAR; here’s to another rainy Bank Holiday – cheers.


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