Warhammer Lore

I started a thread asking whether Warhammer Lore was essential to WAR – it seems very much so and it also seems that many players are a little steamed about how Myffic mess about with it.
Introducing Skaven into the Order side was not a welcome addition for some – how much does GW keep an eye on what Myffic is doing or are they just happy with raking in the money?
The Dev Discussion about “Monster Play” (Fancy Dress) looks like it’s a big thumbs down for the idea altogether but it seems that the decision has already been made to expand it with the Sigmar Tide live event. Shame they can’t have these discussions before hand but we should all be used to this by now.

The first sentence in the Dev Discussion rules is – “This is a forum dedicated to threads built on specific topics with regular developer interaction.”
The problem is the Devs very rarely participate in the discussion – there’s very little response and it’s just left to the players to talk it out – no guidance, no summing up, no thank you very much; although they do seem to be moderating a bit more heavily nowadays.

Anyhow – My DoK got to 12/16 after 12 hours of play including RvR & IC quests and no scenarios and is now running around T2 RvR finishing the evening at 13/19.
I got invited to a guild – which was nice – but on joining was told that my armour was the wrong colour and I would have to dye it; my association with them didn’t last long.


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