More Fancy Dress

Kai has posted news of the next patch due in June –
Changes, a new accessory set and Sigmar Tide.
Sigmar Tide will introduce a new Scenario “The College of Corruption” with the chance to try out yet another fancy dress.
There is also a new topic in the Devs Discussion – Play As A Monster
1: “What one thing do you like best about the technology and its current implementation?”
2: “What one thing do you feel could be improved about the technology and its current implementation?”
3: “Do you feel the Skaven classes are a welcome alternative or a necessary tacital option? (ie. How do you use them.)”
4:”How do you feel about the abilities for the current playable monsters? (number of them and specific abilities)”
5:”What monsters would you like to see incorporated into this tech?  Where do you think they would fit into the game best?”
And to top all that there’s 50% bonus to XP and RR this weekend until Tuesday.
Paypal is now working on EAStore and they’ve tarted up the store page.

So much to take in –
New accessory set and another chance at fancy dress- just what we’ve all been asking for.
Changes – these will be on the PTS within the next two weeks.


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