Hooked On The DoK

I tried to leave T1 but just couldn’t tear myself away – the DoK is at 8/10 and kitted out with Decimator armour. It’s nice not having to drop out of RvR to get past the RR cap anymore and I’m surprised at the rate RR is mounting up.
The majority of fights are still in Empire – it would be good to see some mechanism implemented to get players to move round the regions – wouldn’t be too hard methinks. There are a few players in Elf and Stunty and you can still pick up a decent amount of XP RR and Inf soloing these regions and occasionally fighting.

I think I’m avoiding T4 with my GSkins because it feels like too much of a grind with very little reward. I’m loathe to delete and re-roll them – might jump my Chaos guys up to T4 and see how the RR mounts up with them; they were at 22/22 before the RR cap was removed.
It’s a shame that Myffic didn’t think about the consequences of the RR cap removal or maybe they did and thought sod ’em.

Kai – our Community manager – has returned after a prolonged silence; he’s been working on DAoC which will also affect WAR ….. yet another Myffic hint.
Why is it Myffic are crap at dealing with their customers?


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