Re-Roll The DoK

Started in T4 with the Shammie but everyone was in Altdorf and I didn’t fancy going through that experience again – there was minor skirmishing in Praag but nothing serious.
So popped down to T3 on the Chosen – headless-chicken Warbands – gave up.

Had a look at my DoK – he was the experiment to see how far I could get in RR before the removal of the RR cap – dumped all his stuff at a merchant, sent the gold to a good cause and deleted him.
Re-rolled a DoK and within a short time was at 5/5 with very little effort – completed early Chaos, CE & IC quests and solo’d the Dwarf BOs – I’m going all out solo with talisman and scavenging – might even have a go at the Scenarios!

Lots of noise on the forums about the lack of communication from Myffic again; Kai seems to have gone MIA.
It really doesn’t take much to keep people informed and the WAR forums seem to be getting a bit out-of-hand and need to be brought under a tighter rein.


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