Tier 4 – Not As Bad As I Thought It Would Be

I’ve had enough of T3 – same old keeps, same old whining players, same old same old. So I dusted down the Shaman 40/45 and leapt into T4.
It took a while getting used to the abilities again (stacked for healing) but was soon on the road to altruism.
Not much in  the way of open Warbands to start with but I was getting plenty of RR following the crowd and spot healing and ressing.
The keep sieges were going on for hours – lots of back and forth fighting with plenty of action and no sign of drops in performance.
Got one-hit killed now and again but it wasn’t too off-putting and I was able to hold my own against RDPS.
Then it was on to Altdorf – not a good experience.
Jumped straight in as soon as I got there and found myself in a group of 6 with Order having all the BOs. This went down to a group of one when everyone found out how many order were out there. The instance then went up to 24 players – hurrah, now for some fun – but after a quick wipe everyone disappeared again.
As I was the only one left I got made into a hero – went out and got swamped by Order so I turned on the /special and waited for the inevitable.
Respawned and found about 100 players stood outside in their nice shiny uber-armour!

So after 2 days I’m now RR48 – I’ll stick around here now and carry on. It’s a shame I’m having to grind RR like this to get up to Warlord armour when my Chaos alts will just step straight in there from T3. I’m also thinking that it won’t be such an easy ride for my BlOrc and Choppa if I can’t get into a Warband – we’ll see.

Haven’t tried on the Skaven fancy dress yet and not quite sure how the Thanquol’s Incursion mechanic works or where it appears.

One thing I did notice – players don’t seem to talk to each other in T4 as they do in T3, it seems to be a free-for-all; not very co-ordinated.


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