Tier 3 Ad Nauseum

I’m back on the Chosen and trying to figure out why so many healers are RDPS at the moment.
My Conqueror armour is going to be stinking by the time I get to lvl39 – Invader armour needs to come down to lvl35 as it’s only worn for one lvl now.
Anyone else having problems with potions? I can’t get my Spirit potion to work for the Chosen.
Also noticed that the Barber Surgeon won’t open up for the Marauder but OK for the Chosen.

Up to now this weekend has been a Numpty Convention in T3. Going through several rams to get the door down instead of tackling the cannons on the walls – camping Order at their WC while a few go PvE and take the BOs – charging after the Gutter Runner.
Still, it’s fun – loads of players which has brought the return of getting dropped by Flight Master but the FPS seems to be holding up.
Order seem to have a surfeit of healers, which is getting to be annoying, the MDPS don’t know which one to take down first – the one’s that don’t go for the tanks first; when will they learn?

There’s an increasing number of players going out of their way to avoid XP – complaining when a standard with XP buff goes up and now when the Aegis rain down.
My Chosen started T3 at 22/22 and now at 32/45 I should be OK for, at least, Warlord when I get to T4 so I really can’t see what the fuss is about; especially when my GSkins are all at 44/45 😦


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