Where Do I Go from Here?

I now have my Marauder, Chosen, Zealot and Magus in Conqueror armour and I had every intention of leaving T3 for a while and returning to my GSkins in T4.
The trouble is I went back through my Chaos alts to sort out backpacks and crafting and started playing about with the Chosen abilities – the next thing I know I’m back on the battlefield stomping stunties and thoroughly enjoying myself. So it looks like T4 will have to wait a while.

I did give the DoK a quick spin in T4 at the weekend but all the warbands were either full or closed and none of them were talking on open chat so there was a lot of running around following the biggest group.
Strangely enough players were quite happy to have my heals and resses but not my company…..

WAR certainly feels in a better place now than it did at the beginning of the year.
There seems to be a plenty of players on every night, with quite a few returning from Rift, and  plenty of action.
A little new content wouldn’t go amiss – still, I’ve LotD to do with my Chaos alts soon; that’ll break things up a bit.


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