Are You Experienced?

Experience – It’s a dirty word nowadays

It used to be that XP was what you aimed for to progress your character; since the removal of the RR cap that is no longer the case.
People want to max out that all important RR to have a fighting chance in T4.
This appears to be having quite an effect on scenarios as very few people seem to be queueing for them now due to the amount of XP that is awarded. There doesn’t appear to be so many players at the rat grind, PvE is even emptier than before and WAR Tracts lie, gathering dust, in the vaults.

This could also make Warlord armour sets redundant as players can jump straight from Invader into Worn Sovereign for just under 67 Gold and RR70.

There have been forum threads calling for an /xpoff command and less XP awarded in scenarios; players no longer have the 9% XP buff tactic on their guild standard and personal XP buffs are being dropped. How long will it be before the Aegis is frowned upon?

I can see this leading to more players hoping regions to leech the RR defence reward.
It’s bad enough that the time spent in T3 now seems to go on forever, battering the same 3 keeps ad nauseum – but going out of the way to extend that time seems like a recipe for death by boredom.

The removal of the RR cap was a good idea but making it twice the CR was a bad idea – it should have been more like RRcap = CR+10 but they wouldn’t listen to me.
Anyhow, it’s too late to change back now.


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