They Grow Up So Quickly

You zip through T1, charge through T2 and before you know it you’re in T3 with your Devastator armour getting stomped.
Don’t despair – you’ll soon be level 30 and getting fitted out for your Conqueror armour; make sure you look after it though as it has to last a long time.
It’s only at about level 30 that you feel as though you’re making a difference and contributing to the effort.
You should also be well on the way to getting all that level 27 Influence gear – the Inf armour is not really worth it nowadays but the weapons, cloak, belt and jewellery can be useful.
All the main armour can be bought at the capital city for gold (along with weapons, jewellery etc.) so save those medallions for later on.
You can also go Scenario hopping for more gear but I’ve never felt that the grind was worth it.

Anyhow – the reason I started on this was after inspecting a few players who didn’t look quite right.
There are quite a few people who are wearing really low level armour and using crap weapons in T3. Now this may be because they can’t afford new kit but from those I’ve talked to they don’t know how or where to get the best items – one didn’t know about the Inevitable City!
Myffic haven’t put a great deal of effort into explaining things beyond the in-game tutorial and their forums are not the easiest to navigate.

There are many WAR beginners guides out there but nearly all are out-of-date.
One of the best is at Gaarawarrs site
There’s also the Warhammer Alliance Forums
and WAR Vault

There is also the in-game advice channel or you can join one of the more friendly guilds.


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2 Responses to They Grow Up So Quickly

  1. Thorvic says:

    Thanks for posting this. I started WAR about 3 weeks ago and I was wondering about where to go to improve my gear as I leveled up. I love the game but I feel like a really missed out in not being part of its heyday. Hopefully I can catch up and get into the upper tiers before too long! You post will certainly help me get there with a little less frustration.

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