War Tract

Most players will have a War Tract (or two) either paid for or earned through PvE that gives their character a quick level-up.

When to use these items?
Prior to the removal of the RR cap the obvious time was to use them at level 34/35 to get max RR or 38/39 to get to lvl 40 depending on how you played.
Now, with no RR cap, these items have become somewhat redundant if you want to max out RR before you plunge into T4.
Using them too early is a bit of a waste as XP is easily ramped up, use them too late and you miss out on all that necessary RR.
So I’m thinking about using them at lvl 28/29 to get that Conqueror gear so necessary for survival in T3. This seems to be the best bet especially as grinding XP in T3 feels never-ending – either that or I don’t use them at all.

Then again Myffic could change them to providing an RR level-up – I feel a forum post coming on.


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