Cram Them In

I’ve never known Azgal T3 be so lively – loads of players battling it out and a few spats too.
We had, what seemed to be, a 2 hour keep def at the weekend where Destro overturned a 4* to nil disadvantage. Loads of tank walling, great healing but the communication between WBs was a bit lacking. Still it was a great effort by all concerned and helped my Chosen to get his Conqueror gear.
The only downside to all this was the server performance – lots of lagging, stuttering  and a return of the old CTD – hopefully this will be sorted with the server maintenance today; which once again is during EU prime-time.

There were a few Order cheats using the geom exploit to get into Stoneclaw Castle – the usual gang of gankers – surely it wouldn’t take much to finally fix this?

I’m back to my Zealot now I have the Chosen at lvl30; I’ll get him up to Conq gear then try out the Marauder. I really must get back to my Gskins – maybe next weekend.

Things are definitely looking up for WAR at the moment – better communication from Myffic (not brilliant but better), more regular patches, new content? – players are finally being positive about the game. Let’s hope Myffic can keep up the momentum.


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