Get Your Motor Running …..

Things are moving apace in WAR – 1.4.2 is looking good, plenty of action on Azgal and I’m really getting into my Chosen.

1.4.3 is due in June along –
Sigmar Tide “It is a time to purge the Empire of the taint of Chaos” – yeah right.
Changes to crafting will be discussed in the forum and we can look forward to temporary trinkets and accessories. Temporary = another way of getting your gold off you.

It’s good to see that communications are taking a turn for the better – keep it up Myffic.

Don’t make the mistake of not reading about the new Account Entitlements and wasting CSR time by complaining that your scrounging pet hasn’t appeared in your account. Order get the Snotling Beggar and Dark Sprite – Destro get the Cold One and Dark Sprite pets.
Sorry guys and thanks for the swift response.

Managed to get the new battery installed in the VMax and hit the road – still grinning 🙂

4 days off to fill my face with chocolate, ride the VMax and play WAR – deep joy.


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