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EAStore has 2 new items for sale for WAR

Scrounging Pet Pack £2.49p (Promo price)
The Scrounging Pet pack grants you access to the Scrounging Pet vanity pets.  This pet will follow you around and grant you a 5% bonus to money received from looting.  Note: The Scrounging Pet may hide during actual battle, but you’ll still receive the benefit of its companionship.

Personality Pack 2 £4.99p
Craving something new and different?  Run out of tokens?  Personality Pack 2 has you covered by granting access to the following:

Vanity Pets! With the purchase of the personality pack, all characters on the account will receive four new vanity pets in their choice of 4 different colors.  Order characters on the account will receive the Powder Monkey, the Pitbull, the Owl, and the Boar. Destruction characters on the account will receive the Mannequin, the Squig, the Owl and the Boar.

Barber Surgeon Tokens!  Want to change up your look?  The Barber Surgeon in game requires tokens that are available to owners of the Personality pack.  Use these tokens to completely change your facial customization options.  You can never have enough tokens in case you need to change your appearance.

Trophies of the World Tokens! Check out the shiny new trinkets and wear them as trophies.  Have some already?  Grab some more!  The Personality Pack grants each character two tokens that can be redeemed at the Trophy Vendor in the capital cities.  Each token can be used to purchase one of 14 different trophies.


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