1.4.2 Goes Live

Servers are coming down today at 13:30 CET and expected to come back before 19:00 CET to bring patch 1.4.2 to the masses.
Highlights of 1.4.2 include:
Power Changes
The highlight of this patch is a continuing focus on the Tier 4 experience in terms of power levels and power gaps.  We took a look at the mechanics for players at all applicable Renown ranks within Tier 4 with a specific focus on the interplay between characters that are above Renown Rank 80 and those that are below.  Based on the metrics, feedback, and discussions about this, we decided to make some changes to the mechanics and items that are available within this Tier.  A number of item changes, additional items, and small tweaks were made in preparation for this in the previous patch cycle.  This patch continues that process.  For more details, see the individual sections below.
Scenario Shakeup
The battle has shifted!  With the advent of 1.4.2, the lineup of the Scenarios has once again shifted.  A number of old scenarios are making their return, some are retiring for the moment, and others are shifting tiers.  For a full list of the new line-up, see the RVR section.
New Pets
A gaggle of new vanity pets have shown up in the capital cities!  From the loveable powder monkey to the enigmatic imp skeleton, there are fun pets to have for all.  Some of them are just companions to follow you around between battles, while others are scrounging pets that will add 5% to the gold looted with them active.  Over time, they’ll pay for themselves!  These pets are available for purchase via account entitlements that can be found at the EA Store.  Adopt a pet today!
Pets galore – I can’t wait – will we be able to rename them?

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