I got fed-up with the Magus and moved onto the Zealot and then onto the Chosen – by the end of next week I’ll be on the Marauder then start around again.
I must get round to my GSkins in T4 – they’re all at 40/45 (pre-1.4.0) and either need to ranked up or be deleted and started again – maybe after 1.4.2

Over the past week T3 on Azgal has seen some excellent fights instead of the usual find-an-empty-region policy.
WBs have been sticking around to defend keeps and having some fun with the benefit of hiAAO.
There doesn’t seem to be so many players whacking rats these days – hopefully Myffic are looking at getting rid of them ….. please
There are reports of Scenarios not popping due to people not playing them – I can’t comment on this as I don’t play Scenarios – but it seems that after the change in Tier level ranges there were more premades trouncing the PUGs – there’s also an annoying amount of hiXP White Lions poncing all over the place.

Keep drops need to be addressed as well as the Influence rewards, especially the armour available – it’s out-of-level by the time you get to it.

As mentioned before – WAR seems to be being kept alive by the Europeans – Azgal is very cosmopolitan nowadays and it keeps the game interesting with the differences in language and ideas. It’s good to see and I believe it is where WAR’s future lies.

I’ve stopped doing the weekly WCPI post as WAR blogs are now a rarity – if you find any please let me know.

With all this glorious weather it was time to prep the bike for its first foray of the year – the battery is knackered – bollocks – have to wait for a few days now.


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