WoT – Disappointment

The announcement came that the World of Tanks EU server was up and running and WoT had gone live.
My first chance to log on was this morning – after a brief patch and accepting the EULA I waited in anticipation to jump into my Pz V/IV only to get “Server Full”
Bollocks! – no indication of queue length/time.
Tried later on and Hurrah! connected – so where’s my Pz V/IV?
Double Bollocks – where’s that email?
AhHa! Have to enter promo code …..
There it is 🙂 and mighty fine it looks too
7000+ people logged on.
Now I have to start work – Triple Bollocks – oh well it’ll have to sit in the garage until later.


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2 Responses to WoT – Disappointment

  1. Gankalicious says:

    Good luck with the PzV! I have a dreadful record with it and most people are feeling a little disappointed with it. The heavy tanks (M6?) that came with the 90.00 package is, by contrast, a monster. Unfortunately because the PzV is a tier 6 (not 5 like they said) you often get put in with 5 of those heavies as opponents.

    I’ve given up on it for now and bought a RamII which I liked a lot in Beta. Still getting my ass kicked but feeling more comfortable anyway 🙂

    • Fez says:

      Oh Dear! I haven’t had time to get on yet – it’s collecting dust in the garage.
      Hopefully with 4 public holidays coming up I’ll get to try it out – depends on the weather and real life commitments.
      Also depends on whether WAR stays lively – it’s too good at the moment 🙂

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