Not The Producer’s Letter

1.4.2 is in development – no indication of when it will be unleashed – and we can look forward to a State of the Game address from the Producers – should be interesting but again no indication of when.

7 messy Dev Discussions – they really need to tidy them up and dump the dross.

The Facebook fail (4,513 likes) gets a mention along with the rather strange 25% discount on server transfers.

The T4 power gap is being addressed and tested on the PTS in early April – hiRR players will then scream and shout and throw their toys out of the pram.

There are to be some changes to Grovod – I’ve never been there myself; I’ll have to give it a go – hopefully it’ll be another LotD type addition; Mork knows we need something new to do.
Scenario line-up change – meh.
Crafting discussion to be started – Knitting?


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