World Of Tanks

Pre-Order Offer

Ordered the medium tank package ready for 12th April – haven’t played since the going-live date was announced but I’m looking forward to a PvP I can dip in and out of for 15 minutes at a time.


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2 Responses to World Of Tanks

  1. Gankalicious says:

    I think they should have offered us the choice of tank with the purchase. I’m getting the medium too, but only because I want that med tank. I would have bought the more expensive pack but I’m not really interested in heavies. Maybe it’s trying to get people to buy more than one?

    I’ve been playing more than every- trying out various premiums with the free gold 🙂

    • Fez says:

      I’ve been getting back into it – love being a Tank Destroyer (Destro?) with camo net and binocs; well sneaky.
      I’m not sure whether the given tank will be part of the tech tree or just a stand alone.
      It’ll be interesting to see what other enticements come out over time.

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