It Never Rains But It Pours

Real life has decided to dump a load of crap on me just recently so gaming has taken a back-seat and will do so for a while.
I logged on last night but couldn’t muster much enthusiasm – maybe tonight will be different.

The Devs appear to have gone off in a huff after a bout of name calling in the forums. Granted some posters get rather childish sometimes but I would have thought that it was more to do with frustration than anything else.
A lot of people are passionate about WAR and see it being badly mis-handled and it doesn’t help that the official forums are not being used by Myffic to respond to the players in any meaningful way.
It’s all very well coming up with discussion topics but then just walking away and leaving it to the players to argue it out is not the way forward – these discussions should have been very heavily moderated to keep them on track with regular contributions/counter-arguments from the Devs or their representative.


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