Change Is As Good as A Rest

I got fed-up with watching the WEs arse running around T3 so decided to re-visit my GSkin alts.
It’s been a while since I’ve played them and it took me all evening to get re-acquainted.
Once I’d downloaded even more bleedin’ notes from Da Warboss I got them all equipped with Invader armour only to find I didn’t have enough talismans; so I then spent several minutes sorting those out. On with the fully talismaned (is talismaning a verb?) armour and then off to get it dyed. It was then on to the career and renown trainers to try and remember what trees I was speccing into and then to the various traders to check on jewelry and weapons.
I’ve got a load of crap in the backpacks which I dumped in the vault for sorting out later – luckily I got the full complement of backpack pouches before Myffic decided to make us pay for them.
It all took a lot longer than I thought it would, especially as I’d wiped the UIs, and I’ve still got the SH to sort out; might do that tonight.
I also thought I’d pay T4 a visit and see just how rapid the RR gain is now – I’ll give that a go tonight too.

The Dev discussions are clocking up the posts but there’s very little response from the Devs; in fact they seem to have disappeared once more.
Maybe they’re working on the March Producer’s Letter – coming up with a new lot of waffle each month must be very taxing.
It’s time to lock these discussions, clear out the dross and provide some sort of feedback – otherwise people are going to wonder what the point of all this talk is.
The worst thing that can happen now is another “Thanks for your input but we had already decided what to do anyway” – Ouch!
Seems like this game is now freewheeling – need something to get the interest back, at the moment it’s flagging.

Oh – and apparently the Core Tester recruitment drive is no longer a priority but new crafting is – that’ll bring them back in droves.
“Sorry to say that, but new core testers have a low priority on the list of all
the things I have to do. I don’t see the point to let only a small group
of players test the things we have in the line now (e.g. crafting).” Kai Schober


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