Hope – There’s Always Hope

I re-subbed today for another 180 days – or rather it happened automatically.
This will take me to the 3 year mark – trouble is I’m running out of enthusiasm for WAR. I’m hitting the same old keep doors over-and-over again, getting ganked by over-powered, hiRR, single-ability spammers time-after-time and, as a result, spending more time playing other games.
Myffic just don’t seem to be bothering to get this game back on its feet – so why did I let me sub go through?
Hope – when WAR’s good, it’s very very good but when WAR’s bad it’s horrid – there’s always Hope.

The Devs now have at least 6 discussions running in the forum about possible future changes –

Hypothetical Scenario
Keep Doors
Scenario Line-Up
Future Discussions
Physical Mitigation and You

There are many good ideas floating about but trying to keep up with them is a bit of a pain.

Apparently Kai Schober has had a cold which stopped him using a keyboard and James Casey’s responses are very sporadic.
It’s all getting very unsettling again – if it’s anything like last time there’ll be a flurry of activity then it’ll all die down again; a few minor tweaks will be made as a sop to the players then it will be back behind the barricades.
But then I’m hoping for a pleasant surprise in the form of an informative Producer’s Letter with a patch time-line for the next 3 months and details of new content – Hope again.

It seems that the Facebook promotion failed – perhaps 5,000 likes were too much to ask for – presently it stands at 4,034 – bit poor.


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2 Responses to Hope – There’s Always Hope

  1. Blaq says:

    Well, as I stated numerous times, maybe I’m not as patient as other people, but I think that sticking with WAR for 3 years is enough. My patience has run out. I play games for fun and the last few months of my sub WAR was very rarely fun. I’m resubbing when things change, but I’m convinced that I’ve given Mythic enough of opportunities in the past, so I won’t be feeling too bad if they don’t.

    • Fez says:

      I think maybe you are right and I’m just fooling myself – I’m not impressed with the latest efforts by the Devs to get this game going again and I don’t hold out much hope for the new content that is very much needed.
      Players need to see commitment from Myffic and it just isn’t there.
      Ah well – my subs have gone out now so I’ll see how it goes – in the meantime World of Tanks is calling and Real Life needs attending to.
      Good luck Blaq – see you around.

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