Area Influence Rewards & Keep Chest Drops

Following on from my question about the necessity for all the different currency –

What is the point of Area Influence Rewards and Keep Chest Drops?

The Inf gear is practically useless now that armour has been re-levelled and is available for GSB. The only items that are of any use are the belts, cloaks and weapons but these are quickly out specced by purchasable items.
This could do with a thorough rethink to make it more relevant and worth fighting for.

The Keep Chest Drops are the same – nothing much of value. Nearly everyone takes the medallions as there’s not really much of a choice.
Another rethink needed.

It really feels that T2/T3 RvR is a bit empty and very unrewarding – it’s become a grind.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the performance problems with WAR I’ve been following Blaq’s suggestions – and fiddling about with various bits and pieces.

I found that the add-on Effigy was causing a lot of the stuttering so have gone back to using Pure.
Other than that I’ve tried every variation of settings but my main problems are the game freezing for a few seconds every time I deploy and standard, get a level up or grab a piece of siege equipment; there’s also the requirement to reload the UI most times I change region otherwise my character animation stutters every few seconds.
My PC specs can be found on the about page – it’s not, by any means, a low spec machine.

Anyhow- my WE is now 30/39 and decked-out in the finest Conqueror armour – but, as I said, it’s beginning to feel like a grind now; I don’t know if I can be bothered to continue with her.
It’s the same with my Gskins – pre 1.4.1 they were sat at 40/45 and looking forward to T4 changing for the better.
Have you tried getting onto a WB now?
Unless you’re above RR80 then you’re soloing and regularly dying. No fun.

I’m really not sure about what Myffic have is store for WAR and whether it is worth continuing. The Devs have started enough discussions in the forum but that’s all there is – talk. It’s all gone quiet again – just like before – quiet before the storm?
Maybe that’s what WAR needs – a big storm to clear the air.


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