UI and Add-Ons Night

I’m back with my WE trying to sort out my UI and add-ons.
Everything went pear-shaped for some strange reason so I deleted the Interface and User folders and started again.
I tried out YakUI but it didn’t suit – didn’t have the time to modify it to my G13.
So I went back to my old config – 3 x action bars bottom centre (same as the G13) and 2 x 12 button vertical action bars either side of the screen.
Add-Ons –
I took me a while setting it all up on a default profile – I’d not used Effigy before, so I was messing about with that for ages. I used Pure previously but it hasn’t been updated since 1.4.1 so didn’t want to risk it.
The new hide-windows built into WAR doesn’t seem to work very well as the Area Influence window keeps reappearing – unless it’s one of the mods throwing it out.
Anyhow – I think I’ve got it sorted out now – on with the game.

Order seemed to go to bed early again last night and those who remained were holed-up in Empire. So it was the usual tour of Stunty-Delf-Empire.

Still having problems with the graphics stuttering after a while – FPS drops from 99 to 50 in an open scene with no other characters – /reloadui does the trick – but why should it happen at all? It’s not the mods as it was happening without them installed.


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2 Responses to UI and Add-Ons Night

  1. Blaq says:

    Regarding the fps drops, have you tried reading my guide? It might help. 🙂

    • Fez says:

      Thanks Blaq – I’ll go through it tonight – I can’t understand why my FPS can drop from 99 to 60 without moving and looking at a brickwall; not to mention the RvR slideshow.
      I’ve recently seriously upgraded my PC and it can run all the latest games at full spec with no probs – except WAR 😦
      I’ll let you know how I get on.

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