Everything In The Garden Is Rosey – Apparently

I looks like I picked a good time to go away – nothing much happened in WAR although Warhammer Alliance looks like it’s on the way out or they have lost interest.

Kai Schober published this strange piece in the Herald –
WAR and RvR
“We’ve been thinking about the core strengths of WAR, and talking to the designers and wanted to share some inside perspectives with you”
Steven Engle and Keaven Freeman then go on to tell us what we already know and Kai finishes with –
“Based on player feedback, our focus at the moment is addressing power scaling post rank 80, physical mitigation of damage and the ease of attaining values above the cap. Look for improvements over the coming patches”
Well – get on with it and tell us when we can expect these patches.

There’s also a thread been started by James Casey about Future Discussions –
It seems that Myffic are determined to discuss this game to death.
It’s nice that they are engaging us but FFS they should be aware of what is pissing us off by now.


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