Pert Buttocks

Has anyone else noticed that the WE’s buttocks seem to get plumper as she levels up?
Or is it that the different armour makes her bum look bigger?

I was having a lot of lag and stuttering last night and since 1.4.1 and after a lot of fiddling about found that some of the add-ons were causing it. I didn’t bother to narrow it down – I just dumped the ones I had installed recently and problem solved.
I’m going to give YakUI a go as my UI is getting a bit cluttered.

We had an epic battle over in Avelorn – the Order keep was 4* to our 0* and the outer door was down. For a change everyone stayed around for the defence instead of change regions.
The fight went on for quite a time until we got to 4* and some of the WB went off with a ram – Order then charged in and took the flag.
I think it’s time the contents of the keep chest drops were changed; as armour is all too easy to obtain now – how about some weapons? Nothing too fancy, something like the blue Inf weapons.

My WE is now specced for Suffering and very effective it is.
The removal of the RR cap is making a huge difference for me – no more dropping out to grind XP; spending all my time soloing around the lakes.


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