Armour and Currency Confusion

It’s taking me a time to get my head around the new armour requirements.
Here’s what I’ve gathered –
Deci 7/7- 8/8
Oblit 15/15 – 17/17
Devas 20/20 – 23/23
Anni 25/25 – 25/29
Conq 30/30 – 30/35
Inv 39/40 – 39/45
War 40/54 – 40/60
WSov 40/63 – 40/70
Sov 40/73 – 40/80
Doom 40/90 – 40/90
Warp 40/100 – 40/100
and then there’s the jewelry and cloaks which I keep having to check on; not to mention the plethora of currencies you end up with.

My WE is now wearing full Anni and sitting at 25/29 – I’ll be sorting out my alts this weekend if I get time – trouble is DoWII Retribution has arrived today …..

I can highly recommend World of Tanks if you want a quick PvP fix –
Running around with a BFG on wheels in 10 minute battles – big grin time.
It’s in open beta at the moment but it’s very polished.



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