Sigmartide is the 4th month in the Empire year.
The 18th of Sigmartide is the first day of summer.

Last night was my first full night since 1.4.1 hit the servers
I spent most of the night sorting out my DoK who shed his Annihilator armour and donned the Invader armour. Feel like I’ve missed a step of his development out but at least I’ll be able to contribute more to T4 RvR. I also had to respec which took some time thinking through and then I decided to have a look around the IC vendors. I need to get him some decent weaponry – off to LotD with you my lad.
I’ve now got a bewildering array of currency which can be converted up and down – this could be made a lot simpler without having to buy chests to convert.
There is also a bewildering array of armour options for sale – it would be nice to see this simplified too.
Still it’s looking better for my DoK in T4.
I then had a look at my BlOrc – he’s been sat at 40/45 for a while now waiting for 1.4.1 – apart from the 6 notes from Da Warboss in the post, I had to respec him and dump his Anni armour for Inv armour.
This is looking good – I’ll have to sort out all my other alts over the weekend – I’m also running out of talismans.

The WE is busy running around T3 taking down unsuspecting Order types and ramping up the RR. I feel there’s a lack of abilities – I’ll have to take a closer look at how I’m playing her.


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