Producer’s Letter – Feb 2011

James Casey has released his February Letter

First of all though I’d like to take time to encourage people to check out the forums”
In which case he needs to make the forums more user-friendly and relevant – it’s very difficult to find dev posts and there is a lot of trolling, sniping, whining and QQing that puts people off; not to mention some of the more over-officious moderators.
Myffic need to look at starting a core-player community or communicate more directly.

“we have a full year of Warhammer Online planned out, from events to patches, including features and fun stuff”
I hope James’ definition of full is the same as mine; mine contains the phrase “a lot of”

Advanced Crafting – sounds interesting

“If you haven’t bought the progression or personality pack, we have an upcoming promotion around the combination pack I think you’ll like”
And for those who have already bought them?

SigmarTide – Have to scour the ToK


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