Azgal Performance

Got the WE to 21/21 and got my hands on the Elite GSkin weapon.
Finally got pissed off with the performance on Azgal – lagging, stuttering and CTDs.

Crossed the pond to see our colonial cousins over yonder –
Rolled a BlOrc on Badlands – what a difference – nice smooth graphics, no stuttering and no perceivable lag.
Even when he levelled up and the golden shield rose above his head the game didn’t freeze for 2 seconds.
Still a lack of knowledge about the game in general though and players asking me where I got the mule and cloak from. Myffic would go a long way to sorting this game out with a decent online manual; at the moment it’s not very beginner friendly – the inclusion of the in-game tutorial was very good but not enough.

Roll-on 1.4.1 – with the improvements to performance – but will that get rid of the disparity between servers?


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