Prowling About

While waiting for patch 1.4.1 – hopefully it will be implemented this week – I’m sticking with my WE who has reached 18/18.
Not sure what to do for the best really – could do with some more character slots; another 6 will do.

Anyhow – T2 Gskin is still bugged since 1.4 but I’ve almost got full Inf in Gskin and Delf after a lot of perseverance; not much in Inf rewards in Chaos for a WE.
During one keep assault we were fighting against an AAO of 200% – dropping ram after ram whittling the doors down. When the doors finally went down – Order swarmed out and wiped the WB; all except a certain WE -she was taking the flag while Order were doing their victory dance.
Mega-lols all round – wish I could have read their chat.

There are still a lot of players doing PvE – it seems that the Rat-Grind has lost its novelty. I joined a few groups in PQs levelling to catch up with their RR – it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of PvE and the Rat-Grind with 1.4.1 and the new RR cap.

Reports from friends and guildies about T4 make depressing reading – most have given up trying and have started new characters.
Let’s hope 1.4.1 goes someway to sorting T4 out – I’d like to get back in there.


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