I’ve been running around solo as a WE for the past two nights – waiting to see what patch 1.4.1 will bring and how it will affect my alts and gameplay.
Popped over to Norn to see my neglected Order alts – there are 2 in T4, 4 in T2 and 4 in T1 – not sure what to do with these; loads of mail to sort out.

Azgal was very laggy last night – at one point I got a server disconnect when I hit lvl 16 – the screen froze for about 3 seconds then dumped me – the same happened when I hit lvl 100 in Cultivating. The FPS was around 50 – usually around 99.
No such problem on Norn though.

Could we have a knitting emote/craft for when we are sat at BOs waiting to smack the RC?


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