Chicken Time

The DoK turned chicken in T3 at RR52+88% – trouble is, this experiment was a waste of time now that the RR cap is changing.
Have to do a rethink now – was going to try a grab Conq armour in LotD.

Prior to that – we came across an obnoxious SH who was in his own party without a healer. We had just taken down the outer door of the stunty keep when he turned up – he started screaming at us for not healing him and his party took the ram hostage and refused to deploy it. Then the abuse started and he joined the /ignore list.
We got there in the end – they hadn’t realised you could get 2 rams.

Patch 1.4.1 –
After months of nothing we get a huge list of changes to be rolled out in patch 1.4.1
Lots to get the head round but one or two things immediately spring out –

—Instead of your Renown Rank being capped at your Rank, characters can now accumulate Renown and Ranks up to double their character Rank.
—Annihilator – Level 25 to use, equipable at renown ranks 25-29
—Conqueror – Level 35 to use, equipable at renown ranks 30-35
—Invader – Level 39 to use, equipable at renown ranks 40-45
—Warlord – Level 40 to use, equipable at renown ranks 54-60
 —A new armor set has been added to fill in the gap between Warlord and Sovereign
—Stein effects will now persist through death
—We’ve made over 200 adjustments to weapons to correct weapon position and orientation issues
—As part of our ongoing focus on giving players the best possible experience, we‘ve made a number of behind-the-scenes optimizations to the server and client code to increase performance

Not to mention the changes to Combat and Careers.

No doubt there will be a load of screaming and shouting about it all – lets see how it pans out on the PTS before jumping to judgement.


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