Paid For T4 Characters

I was discussing the new RR cap last night – what’s going to happen to my alts?
I’ve got 4 Gskins at 40/45 they are going to be at a distinct disadvantage when this new RR cap system comes in (RR cap = XP x 2)
There are going to be players in T3 in a better position than my Gskins – am I going to get some sort of compensation? Doubt it – Myffic don’t work like that.
My DoK is XP39+77% RR52+12% and he’s going to be a bit behind the new system too.
Do I wipe them and start again? That was the consensus of those in the discussion.
There are more XP/RR/Inf bonuses then a stunty has grudges and it doesn’t take long to get to T4 now – with the new RR cap it will be theoretically possible to enter T4 at 40/80 (as near as bugger-it)
What is going to be done about medallions etc. and the level you can gain armour and weapons?
Myffic obviously want us all in T4 as soon as possible but, at the moment, it’s not worth it because of the armour/weapons gap.
Why not provide T4 characters for a price and forget all about T1 T2 and T3 or we could start at T4 in the T1 region and have T4.1 T4.2 T4.3 T4.4 – I’m waffling now…..
There are many options but Myffic seriously needs to sort it out and nothing short of a complete overhaul will bring the game back on course.

I’m enjoying running around with my WE – it’s amazing how she can take down hi-lvl players – mostly soloing; sneaking around the flanks. She’s at 14/14.


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